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2917 DECO 063

Happy Hour

Daily 4pm - 6pm

Pull up a chair in our stylish lounge bar for Happy Hour. Unwind with a cold drink in hand within an easy-going lounge bar in the lobby of Deco Hotel.

2917 DECO 063
2917 DECO 049

Pasta Night

Every Monday

Come join our Pasta Night every Monday. Choose from our house-made varieties like Gnocchi di Ricotta, Tonnarelli, Malloreddus, Spaghetti, Fettucine, or Penne. Add your choice of sauce - classic Chef's Napoli, cooked slow and steady with Italian tomatoes and fresh basil. Or maybe you're up for a bit of a kick with the blue swimmer crab sauce, jazzed up with zucchini, garlic, chilli, and white wine. If you're all about those earthy flavours, our Funghi selvatici sauce with wild mushrooms in a creamy vegetarian white sauce might be your go-to. And meat lovers, don't miss the hearty Norcina sauce, a slow-cooked pork ragu in comforting white sauce. Decisions, decisions, all for only $25. 

2917 DECO 049
2917 DECO 008

Schnitzel Night

Every Tuesday

Join us on Tuesday for Schnitzel Night at Restaurant Two14. For just $25, you can feast on a perfectly herb-crusted chicken schnitzel served with a side of fresh salad, crispy chips, and a generous helping of gravy, along with your choice of a chilled glass of house wine, a cold beer, or soft drink. Who knew Tuesday could be this tasty?

2917 DECO 008

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